Jets and more…

With htmjets you know for sure you’re riding state-of-the-art technology. Whether on a jet or helicopter – our complete fleet boasts the latest masterpieces by highly reputed manufacturers all equipped with cutting-edge avionics. Various cabin sizes and cruising ranges make for a highly versatile fleet of business jets, to which our comprehensive helicopter service provides the perfect supplement and addition.

But technology is nothing without the people behind it: our equipment is operated by staff who exercise their professions with much as know-how as passion. They stand surety for the comfort and safety that are our hallmarks. From our top-flight ground crew and friendly, highly trained flight assistants to our professional pilots, who have many years’ experience in all manner of flying conditions and situations. All of them work together to get you into the air and to your destination safely. So fly with a team that works like clockwork – fly htmjets.

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